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The Nearly Failed Christmas Miracle of Home Alone

The Nearly Failed Christmas Miracle of Home Alone

Who would have thought that a movie on the verge of cancellation would become one of the most loved holiday films of all time?

Discover the behind-the-scenes struggle of the beloved holiday classic, Home Alone, and how it almost never made it to the big screen.

The Nearly Failed Christmas Miracle of Home Alone

Home Alone, the iconic Christmas-time comedy, had a rocky start before becoming an instant classic in 1990. Created by the late John Hughes, known for his teen-centric movies, the film was an experiment to see if he could replicate his success with a younger audience.

Initially, Warner Bros. told Hughes the film could be made for $10 million, expecting only moderate success. However, when the projected budget reached $14.7 million, Warner Bros. pulled the plug on the production. Luckily, 20th Century Fox stepped in to save the day.

The film was shot in Chicago, away from the typical Hollywood studio system, adding to its unique charm. The production team found the perfect location for the McCallister’s home, creating an iconic image of upper-middle-class American life.

Casting was also a challenge, as the film required a young lead and a light touch for the family who left their son home alone. Macaulay Culkin, already a rising star, was pre-selected for the role after his performance in ‘Uncle Buck.’

The character Marv, one of the Wet Bandits, had its fair share of casting troubles. Daniel Stern initially took the role but walked away when the shoot turned out to be longer than expected. Dan Roebuck was then cast, but chemistry issues arose with Joe Pesci, who played the other Wet Bandit. Finally, Stern was persuaded to return and deliver the iconic performance we know today.

Despite initial negative reviews, Home Alone became a box office hit, grossing $285 million domestically and remaining the number one movie for 12 weeks. Its success launched a franchise and the careers of the rookie team behind it.

The Nearly Failed Christmas Miracle of Home Alone

  • Warner Bros. originally pulled funding for the film
  • The production was saved and picked up by 20th Century Fox
  • Casting challenges and replacements with the character Marv
  • The movie became an unexpected box office hit

The Nearly Failed Christmas Miracle of Home Alone

Home Alone’s journey from near failure to beloved holiday classic is a true Christmas miracle. The film’s behind-the-scenes challenges, from funding issues to casting troubles, only added to its enduring charm and success.